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Binance Blockchain Week Brings the Future of Web3 to Dubai

 Binance Blockchain Week Brings the Future of Web3 to Dubai

Binance’s flagship event will bring together the industry’s leading innovators, policymakers, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, cultural icons, and blockchain enthusiasts.

DUBAI, UAE — 18 April 2024 – In line with Binance’s commitment to the region’s burgeoning status as a virtual asset hub, Binance announces the hosting of Binance Blockchain Week 2024 in Dubai. Scheduled to take place between October 30 & 31, the flagship event will gather global leaders in blockchain and Web3 to drive innovation, foster financial inclusivity, and shape the future of the ecosystem.

Binance Blockchain Week offers a platform for industry leaders to engage in meaningful discussions to further drive the development and adoption of Web3. With over 3,000 attendees expected and over 100 industry leaders in attendance, this event reaffirms Binance’s view of Dubai as a key international crypto hub.

Alex Chehade, Binance FZE General Manager, said: “We look forward to welcoming the global blockchain community to Binance Blockchain Week. Our goal is to foster collaboration in the Web3 and blockchain industry, unlocking its potential to enhance financial equity and drive positive societal impact.”

“With the UAE leading the global adoption of cryptocurrencies, Binance is playing a pivotal role in enabling this transformation. We are pleased to be supporting this growth and diversification of the UAE’s economy. As we continue to contribute towards the ever-growing status of this region as a virtual asset hub, we are pleased to host a flagship event which will bring over 100 leaders in the blockchain industry together to discuss the latest trends, innovations, and opportunities shaping the future of the digital economy,” Alex Chehade added.

The move comes as Binance announces the acquisition of a Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP) license from Dubai’s Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority (VARA). This license, subsequent to the initial issuance of the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) License in July 2023, marks a significant milestone for Binance.

The transition from an MVP license to a VASP license allows Binance FZE to extend its product offering and expand its services to the retail market, in addition to qualified and institutional investors. Binance FZE can now offer individual customers a broad portfolio of virtual asset products that includes spot trading, margin trading (for qualified users), and staking products – the widest array of regulated virtual asset services available not only in the UAE but globally.

The upcoming event in Dubai follows the incredible successes of Binance Blockchain Week in Istanbul and Paris in previous years. Join Binance for a vibrant conference exploring how blockchain and crypto can empower the next billion people worldwide. For more information:

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