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An Extravaganza of Circus Live Shows and Engaging Workshops Await Kids at Mercato!

An Extravaganza of Circus Live Shows and Engaging Workshops Await Kids at Mercato!

As the city buzzes with excitement during the Dubai Summer Surprises (DSS), Mercato, the only Italian-themed shopping destination, takes center stage in spreading joy and happiness for families and visitors of all ages! Offering a unique experience unlike any other, Mercato presents “The Greatest Show,” an awe-inspiring spectacle that promises to captivate audiences from 26th July until 06 Aug.

The heart of this enchanting carnival lies in its lineup of amazing live shows that will leave spectators in awe. Prepare to be astounded by “The Great Mercato Circus,” a mesmerizing display of talent and skill that showcases a world of wonder under the big top. Witness the jaw-dropping acts of “The Incredible Bending Woman,” as she bends the limits of human flexibility right before your eyes. And let’s not forget the lively “Circus Parade,” a colorful procession that fills the air with excitement and merriment.

The festivities extend beyond the performance arena. Engaging workshops offer children the chance to embrace their creative side by crafting their very own clown masks and mastering fun circus tricks. It’s an opportunity for kids to become part of the magical world they witness on stage, sparking their imaginations and creativity.

But that’s not all! the ultimate adrenaline rush everyone’s favourite slide being installed once again at Mercato Mall. Synonymous with summer in Dubai, if you haven’t had the chance to whiz down it yourself, you’ve surely seen it come up on your social feeds. Slide again and again all summer long from the first floor down into a foam-filled pit. One for all the family.

As families and friends come together to revel in the joys of the season, Mercato Mall stands as a beacon of entertainment and celebration, offering an unforgettable journey into the realm of Italian charm and wonder. So, mark your calendars and don’t miss the chance to experience the magic of “The Greatest Show” at Mercato Mall during DSS!

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