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Al Fardan Jewellery Abu Dhabi Pays Homage To Emirati Pearl Divers This Ramadan With A Striking Mural By Local Artist Hamad Al Nayli Al Shamsi

As part of its annual commitment to supporting and promoting local talent, this Ramadan, Al Fardan Jewellery Abu Dhabi has commissioned renowned Abu Dhabi artist, Hamad Al Nayli Al Shamsi for a special art mural that pays homage to the Emirati pearl diving season. The mural, which is showcased on the Al Fardan Jewellery Abu Dhabi boutique’s 61 square meters facade, reflects the brand’s strong connection to the seafaring and pearl trading traditions unique to the UAE, which have earned it a reputation as one of the largest natural pearl collectors in the region.

The Emirati diving season is a cherished and time-honoured tradition that dates back centuries when divers would scour the seas in search of precious pearls. The mural, created over four days from 17th to 20th March, earnestly captures the essence of the Holy Month and conjures memories of the past when men would go diving while fasting and their wives and children waited and prayed for their safe return.

Using colours specifically designed for this glass facade, the artwork created by Hamad Al Nayli Al Shamsi will pay homage to the UAE’s rich, beautiful history and the cultural significance of this beloved season. The art piece’s forefront displays the beautiful contrasts of the sea and land –  divers are depicted searching for pearls in the ocean, and on land, a family is portrayed coming together to celebrate Ramadan and cherishing the precious gift of pearls. A heartwarming art piece portraying the prestige of Emirati culture.

“It’s an honor to collaborate with Al Fardan Jewellery Abu Dhabi and showcase the beauty and significance of the Emirati diving season through my artwork. Ramadan is a special time for our country, and I am thrilled to be a part of this initiative to promote our cultural heritage in this beautiful moment,” says Hamad Al Nayli Al Shamsi.

Al Fardan Jewellery Abu Dhabi is the first company established under the Al Fardan Group; one of the leading family-owned conglomerates in the region for the past 65 years. Since its inception in 1954 by Hajj Hasan Ibrahim Al Fardan; a renowned and respected pearl connoisseur, Al Fardan Jewellery has become synonymous with the pearling industry, drawing inspiration from its long and rich Emirati heritage. With a commitment to quality and excellence, Al Fardan Jewellery Abu Dhabi continues to set the highest standards, creating impeccably handcrafted, timeless designs for the modern woman.

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