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AD Ports Group Sustains Excellence with We Invest in People Platinum Accreditation

AD Ports Group Sustains Excellence with We Invest in People Platinum Accreditation

Accreditation acknowledges clarity of vision and high-performing culture that consistently prioritises a healthy and highly productive work environment

Abu Dhabi, UAE –20December 2023: AD Ports Group (ADX: ADPORTS), a leading facilitator of global trade, logistics, and industryhas proudly announced that it has, once again, achieved the prestigious platinum accreditation from Investors in People® (IIP) and will hold this accreditation for 3 years.This remarkable achievement marks the second consecutive time the Group has been awarded this global recognition, reinforcing itsposition as a global leader, consistently demonstrating an unwavering commitment to its people and sustainable practices in human capital management.

AD Ports Group was the first in the Middle East to achieve IIP’s Platinum Accreditation in 2019, a recognition that today is held by a mere 6% of IIP accredited organisations globally.A testament to AD Ports Group’s dedication to creating a dynamic, high-performing culture that fosters success, growth, and trust, this repeat accomplishment not only highlights the Group’s commitment to excellence, but also its ability to maintain and elevate standards in a constantly evolving corporate landscape.

As part of the rigorous assessment process, IIP’s international manager implemented an in-depth evaluation, being immersed in multiple aspects of the business and experiencing the unique workplace that AD Ports Group provides to allow for a multitude of perspectives from different stakeholders’ points of view. A comprehensive employee survey was conducted, highlighting the Group’s employee voice during the entirety of the process.

Investors in People® sets the global standard for effective people management, outlining essential skills, structures, and strategies required for outperforming in any industry. The rigorous assessment process, which led to AD Ports Group’s reaccreditation, praised the organisation for its vibrant work environment, shaped by core values of responsiveness, collaboration, safety, sustainability, fairness, commitment, and a relentless pursuit of innovation.

Captain Mohamed Juma Al Shamisi, Managing Director and Group CEO, AD Ports Group, said:

“We are delighted to have achieved the ‘We Invest in People’ platinum accreditation. This is not just the highest level of recognition possible, but also a testament to our pioneering efforts in achieving it amidst our evolving operating model, rapid growth and global expansion. Our Group’s strategy is firmly rooted in a commitment to growth, social responsibility, and sustainable practices in line with our wise leadership vision, whilst recognising that our people are the cornerstone of our success. Our policies and practices are not merely about management, they are designed with an understanding that our people are the key drivers of our journey towards excellence.

Maitha Al Marar, Group Chief Human Resource Officer, AD Ports Group, said: “Achieving IIP’s Platinum Accreditation once again is not just a distinctionbut a reflection of the continuous passion, commitment, and professionalism that each member of our team embodies. It is part of our Group’s mission to continuously strive towards an inspirational workplace culture. Our Human Capital and Emiratisation team has consistently showcaseda significant aptitude for implementing policies and practices that encourage diversity, equity, and inclusion within the organisation, successfully attracting, and retaining talented employees and introducing initiatives that boost employee well-being, engagement and satisfaction. We are delighted to be on this journey of excellence with our employees”

AD Ports Group’s success in securing the Platinum status for another 3 years offers invaluable insights for future growth and reaffirms its dedication to fostering a sustainable and empowering working environment. As a pioneer in the region, the Group continues to set benchmarks in human capital management, embodying a vision that inspires and a culture that sustains.

AD Ports Group’s ability to provide a positive work environment, which enhancesemployee’sprofessional capabilities, and helps them achieve a balance between their personal and professional life, has been acknowledged several times this year, notably with being certified a Great Place to Work® and securing the Stevie Award for Engagement/Happiness Team of the Year award for working towards an inspirational culture within the organisation.


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