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December 4th, 2023: Abu Dhabi T10 has already revolutionized cricket with theintroduction of the fastest format – and now they begin their journey into the blockchain. T10 Global has partnered with Snowball Money, a platform aimed to make it easier for people toenter the exciting world of Cryptocurrency and Web3. The Go-to-Market strategy begins with gifting the 1 billion+ Cricket fans worldwide with physical and digital rewards. All it takes is a quick scan of the QR code conveniently showcased on screens during TV and digital broadcasts of tournament matches, as well as on the official Abu Dhabi T10 social media platforms. Upon joining, every fan will receive an exciting digital reward, and even a chance to meet players, acquire autographed jerseys, own game-used bats and earn additional physical awards. To seize this opportunity, visit and apply to join the waitlist.

The blockchain serves as a secure and transparent platform to unite fans, promising a revolution in how they interact with the sport of cricket. Through the digital rewards system, fans can earn rewards, engage in decision-making processes, and participate in sports-themed fan games. Registration into the Abu Dhabi T10 blockchain via the QR code is free of charge, ensuring that the guaranteed rewards can be utilized by fans in various ways. This marks the introduction of a groundbreaking Sports and Entertainment Digital Rewards Programme, providing fans with unprecedented benefits.

Speaking on this partnership, Shaji Ul Mulk, Chairman, T10 Sports Management, added: “It has been our constant endeavor to innovate in cricket. Our journey began with the introduction of the fastest format of the game, which has now proven to be one of the most entertaining and exciting formats in cricket. Fans world over have embraced it and love it and we have made it truly global. The next phase of transformation for us now lies in blockchain that can enable our T10 fans to be involved in an extensive sports and entertainment rewards programme and we are pleased with our partnership with Snowball Money that can enable this for us. We urge every fan to scan the QR code so they can avail these exciting rewards and be part of the sport and entertainment revolution with us.”

Further detailing the partnership with T10 Global, Snowball Money CEO Mr Parul Gujral said, “We allow people to become their own bank and get exposure to and also earn a variety of different cryptocurrencies. We have moved from the old internet world to the new internet world called Web3. The whole idea of Web3 is that every single participant that is bringing value to the ecosystem gets rewarded and gets to become an owner of the system. We believe in the power of cricket to bring people together, and with blockchain, we’re building bridges in the digital world. The initial QR code is just the first phase and there are several exciting things to come.”

Abu Dhabi T10 2023 will be broadcast on CricLife3 available on Etisalat, Elife IPTV,Switch TV, and Starzplay in UAE-MENA. It will also be aired in Pakistan on channelA Sports and live streamed on TapMad. Indian fans can watch the season onViacom Sports 18 2 (Hindi) and on Jio Cinema app. The tournament this season, willalso air on Supreme TV in Sri Lanka, on BT Sport in the United Kingdom, on ESPNin the Caribbean, on Willow TV in North America, on T Sports in Bangladesh, andFox Sports in Australia.Cricket fans in UAE can buy the Abu Dhabi Season 7 Tickets online for just AED 10via:

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